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Akira Review

Overall Score: A+

Akira was the first anime movie I ever watched. I'll be the first to admit it, when I first watched Akira I was left with a sense of "What the hell just happened?". This led me to think that japanese anime was. . .well, quite boring. But that was the first time I watched Akira, let alone any other anime. A few weeks later, due to boredom, I watched Akira again. That was when I started to realize the stunning animation and intricate plot of the movie. It seemed as if every time I watched Akira I grew to love it more and more. And now Akira is one of my most prized anime videos!

The plot of Akira is basically this: A teenage boy involved in a motorcycle gang gets hurt while trying to dispatch another motorcyclist from a rival gang. In the hospital the boy that got hurt, Tetsuo, is experimented on. Those experiments gave him great powers but they also caused him to lose his mind! The plot is much more complicated than what I have described here.

The main reason why I recommend Akira is because it is filled with action. The best scene in the entire movie is the motorcycle chase scene. The animation is top-notch too. I can't think of another movie that has better animation. Akira is also pretty violent. I've heard people say the stadium scene is really disgusting. I didn't think it was that bad. . . those people must have weak stomachs. The bottom line is this, buy don't rent this movie!

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