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Ghost In The Shell Review

Overall Score: B

Ghost In The Shell is supposedly the most expensive anime ever created, well for it's time anyway. With excellent animation and a well written script Ghost In The Shell was hyped up as the anime that was going to break the barrier and have japanimation accepted as a legit movie form in the United States. While it might have brought a few people to understand and accept anime, it fell far short of what it was hoped to have accomplished.

The plot of Ghost In The Shell can be confusing if you do not pay attention. The main character is a woman cyborg working for a government organization that is trying to track down an incredibly gifted computer hacker known as The Puppet Master, who has managed to avoid being caught. Just when they think they captured him, it turns out to be a dead end. Ghost In The Shell is filled with plot twists that keep the viewer interested in the story.

I give Ghost In The Shell a "B" because personally I did not like the movie that much. Notice I said personally. You will find a lot of people fighting tooth and nail about how great Ghost In The Shell is. Yes, the animation is good (not as good as Akira). And yes, the story is well wrote. I just thought the movie could have been put together in a better way. Despite this, you should see Ghost In The Shell just because every other anime fan has.