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Ninja Scroll Review

Overall Score: A+

Boy, I am I ever glad I bought Ninja Scroll! I love this movie. Actually, Ninja Scroll was the first anime that I ever liked. Unlike other anime movies, I instantly fell in love with this one.

Ninja Scroll has an interesting plot that you wouldn't expect to see in an action movie of its kind. I'll give you a basic overview. A gang of ninjas want to powerful and try to rule ancient Japan. In doing so they cross paths with a rogue warrior named Jubei and his two allies. Bad move! There is much more to the plot, but if I told you anymore it would give away some interesting story twists.

I cherish Ninja Scroll. To me it ranks right up there with Akira, maybe even higher than that! All of the characters, including the bad guys are fantastic. I particularly the character of Kagero, Jubei's love interest. She has many facets in her pesonality. I do feel sorry for her in the movie. Like Akira, you need to buy this movie. Ninja Scroll will definitely add to your movie viewing pleasure!

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