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Wicked City Review

Overall Score: A-

Most people on earth are oblivious to the fact that there is an alternate dimension called the Black World. The people of this dimension and those of the Black World try to exist peacefully by means of a peace treaty that is resigned every five hundred years. However, there are those in the Black World that see humans as slaves. These people, known as Black World Radicals, have vowed to destroy the peace between this dimension and the Black World.

Wicked City is about a man named Taki, who is an agent for the Black Guard. The Black Guard is a group from this dimension that protects humans from the Black World Radicals. Taki is assigned a partner from the Black World. His partner turns out to be a beautiful woman named Makei. Their assignment is to protect a man, who is crucial to the signing of the peace treaty, for twenty four hours.

Wicked City is a good anime that has an interesting plot, where nothing appears as it seems. The animation is decent when it comes to the humans. When it comes to the monsters, the animation is simply fantastic! It had to take a great imagination to come up with the concept for some of the monsters. The only bad thing about Wicked City is the over use of sex. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional hentai movie but most of the sex in this film didn't fit. The film makers would have made Wicked City better if they replaced most of the sex scenes with action sequences. Many people think of this anime as a hentai flick. While it isn't as graphic, I can see why they think of it as one. It is for the over use of sex that Wicked City gets an "A-".

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